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Get 'BROWNIE POINTS' with your guests when you have this decadent, fudgy chocolate dessert at your reception!


Brownie Wedding Cake

Brownie Cake (unfrosted or dusted with powdered sugar only) - $3.00/slice

Brownie Cake (Frosted) - $4.00/slice

6" Brownie Anniversary Cake - $30.00*

6" Brownie Ceremonial Cutting Cake - $30.00*

* This flat fee of $30.00 for the 6" cake only applies to orders where 6" Brownie Anniversary Cake or 6" Ceremonial Cutting Cake is accompanied by Brownie Cupcakes or Shapes.  When ordering a Brownie Wedding Cake, it is priced per slice.


Brownie Shapes

Available in Cupcake, Heart, Square, or Round.


Brownie shapes are beautifully decorated brownie cutouts (hearts, squares, or circles).  These little cuties are displayed in a cupcake holder.  They can be placed alongside your cupcakes or by themselves to make an elegant display.  See our CAKE STANDS to see if there is one that you would like to rent.

Brownies - $24.00/dozen ($2.00/ea) - One dozen minimum*

*additional charges may apply for custom decorations or added features such as flowers or adornments.

Baked as a sheet cake & individually cut/decorated

1 - 3 dozen - option of using up to 2 colors

3 - 6 dozen - option of using up to 3 colors

7+ dozen - option of using up to 4 colors






Brownie Cupcakes

Brownie Cupcakes are a wonderful addition to your wedding or special occasion!  They are baked in cupcake holders and can be topped with chocolate icing, nuts, a cherry, or raspberry for decoration. 

$2.00/each ($24.00/dozen)

Baked & displayed in a baking cup/iced like a cupcake

Topped with icing







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