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Commonly Asked Questions


Q:  Is all of your work on your website?                     

A:  No.  As wedding cakes evolve through the years, so must my designs. I pull pictures from previous years, as they are certainly not considered current or stylish today. I will continue to do this on a regular basis so my work remains fresh and innovative.


Q:  How do you schedule consultations?                     

A:  Consultations are by appointment only.  Please call or email to set up a convenient day/time.


Q:  What is the best way to contact you?                     

A:  As stated above, I am easily accessible by email or phone.  Please note, however, that I do not text. 


Q:  Will you pencil me in for my date without a retainer?

A:  No.  We require a $100.00 retainer and a signed contract to reserve your day/time.  This amount applies to final balance.  Each new order we accept is coordinated with previous orders already taken to ensure delivery times do not conflict. 


Q:  What forms of payment do you take?

A:  Cash, check, or any form of debit/credit cards.  I use the SQUARE device.  I am not set up for Paypal or for taking payments online.  But I can take card information over the phone and email a receipt at conclusion of transaction. 


Q:  What is the booking process?

A:  Check out this web page for complete instructions on securing your wedding cake from beginning to end - Book Your Wedding


Q:  Where is your office located?

A:  I work out of a residential office in the Highview area.  Closest reference point is Gene Snyder Road at Smyrna Road (exit 14).  We are centrally located to the Louisville area, as we are an equal distance from Dixie Highway as well as the east end.  At the time of your appointment, I will give you exact directions to my office..


Q:  Do you ever take appointments other than your office?

A:  Absolutely!  I try to meet my couples' needs by being flexible so it best fits their busy schedules.  I often schedule meeting destinations such as a Starbucks or Panera Bread or another location that is convenient and conducive to having a meeting.  I have also had clients who were teachers or nurses where I met them at their school, hospital, or doctor's office for a quick meet & greet or to drop off samples.  You will find that I go the extra mile to earn your business - literally!


Q:  Why are there two names on this website?  Are you "Stir Crazy Cakes" or "Christi's Cakes"?                    

A:  Good question.  I operated under the name "Christi's Cakes" from 1992 - 2009.  I took 5 years off to pursue other interests and to rest and recharge. When I decided to resume my love of baking, I wanted to have my name personify what events should be - fun, exciting, and festive!  As a result, we decided on the name "Stir Crazy Cakes".  In the creation of this website, however, I quickly realized that I had a lot of my pictures displayed the name "Christi's Cakes" across them and could not be changed.  So to answer your question, I now operate under the name "Stir Crazy Cakes", but in order for me to show my years of work, you will also see "Christi's Cakes".  Either way, I am the creator of all that you see on this site.


Q:  Why is your name across each and every cake picture?                     

A:  Years ago I found out that my photos were being used on other baker's websites.  It is to simply protect and identify my work.


Q:  Why do I have to place a deposit down for equipment if I have already paid a deposit for my cake?                     

A:  They are two separate orders.  The retainer fee of $100.00 you are placing towards your cake order actually applies to the balance of your order, whereas a deposit for any equipment you choose to rent is given back to you upon timely and safe return of the equipment.  The deposit for the equipment is not returned if the rental items are not returned on time or were damaged while in your possession. 


Q:  I want to order a cake or cupcakes for my outside reception.   Will the icing melt?  Any suggestions on how to prevent the icing from melting?               

A:  There are no guarantees (contractual or implied) that cakes or cupcakes delivered for your outside event will not be adversely affected by heat, humidity, or uncontrolled weather conditions.  The client assumes all responsibility when planning an outside reception. 

Upon booking your order with us, you can schedule a delivery time as close to wedding time as possible so the cake is not exposed to the weather conditions for very long.  For small orders (2-tier or 3-tier cakes), we can deliver your cake to the kitchen to be kept refrigerated until cake cutting.  Two and three tier cakes are what we term "travel ready" and have special middle support rods to prevent tiers moving from their "center".  Once the reception is in full swing and it's time for the cake cutting, the cake can be easily transported to the cake table. 

Another consideration is to have the ceremonial cake cutting prior to your cocktail hour or main course.  In doing so, the photographer can get photos prior to the heat becoming a negative factor, and the caterer can quickly wisp your cake away to disassemble/cut it to serve as the dessert. 

And lastly, keep in mind that you can do your ceremonial cake cutting with a small two tier cake and order sheet cakes to serve to your guests.  This is a very cost-effective alternative to wedding cakes and they can be ordered pre-sliced for ease of serving.  They are delivered in boxes and come with individual folding flavor signs for each unique flavor you choose to serve.  What a wonderful option for outside receptions to ensure complete and total "Cake" success!!

Q:  If I rent my own cake stand, will you use it to set up the wedding cake?                     

A:  If you are providing a cake stand for your set up and it is sturdy and safe, I will use it for your order.  If it is unsteady or if I determine that it is unsuitable for your set up, I will not use it for your order.  It is in your best interest to rent from a reputable rental company, from my company, or show me the equipment prior to the wedding day to rule out any concerns you or I may have. 


Q:  Do you rent cake stands?  And what if I end up not getting my cake from Stir Crazy Cakes.  Will you still rent me a cake stand.               

A:  Yes, I rent cake stands of all kinds.  I am feel that my variety to choose from makes me one of the largest sources in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area.  I also rent out cake stands even if you already have your wedding cake booked with another company.  Let me help  your cake look its best!   Cake Stands


Q:  I have been told that I need to order less cake than the amount of guests I am expecting.  What do you suggest?  I'm confused due to conflicting information I've received.                     

A:  If you are planning a formal affair (such as a sit-down dinner), it is suggested to provide a slice of cake for all in attendance.  In order to serve each guest a piece of wedding cake as his or her dessert, consider having the ceremonial cake cutting prior to the meal.  During the course of the dinner, the cake can be sliced and then brought to each table as the dessert.

If you are serving a buffet dinner, then consider these factors. 

§         "Cupcakes" versus "Wedding Cakes" at a reception:

Normally I would suggest to decrease the cake when having alcohol at a reception (see suggestion below).  However, in the case of a cupcake reception, we suggest that couples account for one cupcake per person.  They are a relatively new concept at weddings that attract much attention and awe.  They are easy to pick up and some guests take two.  But as always, it is your final decision on how many to order.  These suggestions are just useful guidelines to help you plan your reception with as little difficulty as possible. 

§         Non-Alcoholic Receptions:

Order a slice of cake for all in attendance.

§         Receptions with Open Bar:

Decrease amount of cake by 15% - 20%.

§         Chocolate Fountains/Candy Tables:

When offering other sweets at your reception, always reduce the amount of cake you are offering.  Each reception is unique in its own way, and I can better guide my clients when I have more information to go on.  These percentages are ball-park figures only.  Additionally, I do stress the fact with all of my clients that "this is your day - and your money".  You must do what you feel is best and not let anyone coerce you into doing something you do not feel is right for you.  If wedding etiquette is high priority for you, then I suggest consulting some popular wedding planning books.  Otherwise, using one's best judgment always works well.


Q:  How soon do you bake your cakes?

A:  I bake my cakes two to three days prior to your event.  For Saturday weddings, I bake on Wednesdays and decorate on Thursdays and Fridays.  My schedule depends on how intricate of a design I am working with, how large the cake is, and how many flavors are chosen.  I will say, however, that my cakes are "never frozen."  This is my personal guarantee to you!!  My reputation as a baker depends on the work I produce.  It's a fact that "bad news travels fast", so I will always strive to create the most beautiful, breathtaking, and delicious cakes I can.


Q:  How many cakes do you bake in a weekend?

A:  Depending on the size of the wedding cake, I will take up to 2 ("maybe" 3)  wedding cakes in a weekend.  Otherwise, if I have a large wedding scheduled, I may only take one wedding in a particular weekend.  Please reference Reservation Schedule to view availability for your date.


Q:  Your brochure states that you use buttercream icing, but my color is white (not off-white).  

A:  Although the name implies otherwise, the icing color is white.  The color can be tinted, however, if you choose more of an obvious off-white or candlelight tone.


Q:  How do you insure that our ideas and visions are accurately recreated in our cake?

A:  I computer generate "CAKE NOTES" for each couple.  I reference pictures (either your pics or mine) in the details on your Cake Notes, I diagram the shape size, colors, and details such as "stacked, columns, cake stand, candy artwork, etc."  In your final consultation, we will spend as much time as we need to designing, discussing, and finalizing the details of your cake.  You will leave my office with a computer image of your cake - so there is no chance of me not fully knowing and understanding your vision.  As a result, we are both on the same page with each and every detail, no matter how small.  If it's important to you, it's important to us.


Q:  Is my cake going to get stale if you deliver it to the reception site several hours before my reception?

A:  No, your cake will "definitely not get stale" even if it is delivered several hours before your reception.  99% of the time, your cake is completed the day before your reception anyway.  The only factors that determines the delivery time is my schedule and when the reception site will allow me to deliver the cake.  As long as the cake is not sliced into, the icing offers protection to keep your cake moist and fresh.  One thing to consider however, is the HEAT FACTOR.  Many times the facility will not even turn the air conditioning on until the cake arrives.  At this point, it is almost impossible to cool down the facility so that the heat or humidity will not affect the icing.  Hotels and country clubs are never a concern when it comes to keeping the reception area cool.  It's only with gymnasiums and men's clubs where they are trying to conserve energy that this becomes a problem.

This being said, the NAKED WEDDING CAKE ("barely iced" or "not iced" wedding tiers) are very popular right now.  Unless these tiers are "lightly iced", they do not have the icing to offer the protection from getting stale.  In cases such as this, we have to do two things.  One, we have to deliver as close to the reception time as possible.  Secondly, if the cake is not lightly iced, we can wrap the tiers in clear saran wrap until cake cutting time.  This will keep the cake fresh and protected until that time.


Q:  Do you provide a box for my anniversary cake?

A:  Yes, a box is provided "unless" you inform us that you do not wish to save the top layer.  There is no etiquette requiring that you save this cake for your first anniversary - it is a personal decision among brides and grooms. 


Q:  I've heard the top tier of our cake will not save well for the first anniversary.  Any suggestions?                    

A:  I offer a great option where I "pre-box" a separate anniversary cake for you.  This cake is a mere $25.00 and is simply iced with "Happy Anniversary" written on the top.  I then wrap the cake completely so that it cannot get freezer burned.  For additional protection, I place in a cake box and then wrap the cake box extremely well with saran wrap.  I place "thawing out" directions on the top of the box so that you know what to do once you plan to celebrate your first anniversary.  I even place a guarantee in my contract that if you feel it is freezer burned and you are unable to eat it the following year (barring any unusual or out-of-the-ordinary circumstances), I will remake this cake at no charge to you.  Click "here" for a progression of this process.


Q:  How is my server going to know how to properly slice my cake and what flavors I have chosen?

A:  An information packet is provided for you and is placed on or near the cake table.  A computer layout of your cake design and flavors is included along with serving instructions. 


Q:  I have seen your references and your website and everything looks great.  I think I want to book you, but I would like to taste a cake first.  Is this possible?

A:  We host a formal cake tasting once a year so that brides and grooms can choose their favorite flavors for their wedding cake. To make sure, however, that you do not lose your date - you can book our services in between cake tastings.  We will gladly offer clients samples off of cakes baked during any particular week.  You must make an appointment for cake samples.  These samples are often promised out weeks in advance. 


Q:  I want a rolled fondant cake, but have heard the icing tastes bad.  What do you suggest?

A:  Most couples want a rolled fondant cake due to its elegance and simplicity.  It is truly a unique art that has gained popularity in recent years.  Many clients, however, do not care for the taste.  So I was inspired to make what I call a "rolled buttercream" - which is simply buttercream icing that looks just like rolled fondant.  Check out our ROUND WEDDING CAKES, SQUARE WEDDING CAKES. HEXAGON WEDDING CAKES or HEART WEDDING CAKES for more smooth buttercream styles.


Q:  Do you make cakes for same sex weddings?

A:  My response is quite simple - yes.  I love providing sweets for special occasions - whether it's a birthday, wedding, graduation, baby or bridal shower.  I do not discriminate against HAPPINESS of any sort!


Q:  Do you make cakes for bachelorette parties?

A:  I do make bachelorette cakes.  I have some pics on my site (some of which are censored).  You can email me to send you the original pics.  All cakes are independently priced.  I will make cakes of this content as long as they are not of a violent nature or as long as they are not too graphic.  You may email me your ideas for approval.  If I am unable to take your order, I will gladly refer you.


Q:  Do you deliver outside of the Louisville/Southern Indiana area?                     

A:  Yes, depending on my schedule and availability.  I will accept long distance orders on a case by case basis.  These orders are subject to additional delivery fees. 


Rental Equipment Questions

Q:  How many days does the rental price cover?

A:  Rental prices are for one-day events. 

Q:  How do I reserve my cake stand?

A:  Procedure

1.  Contact office to determine rental availability.

2.  Complete application and place deposit for your day and time.

3.  We can email you a contract to sign or print a rental contract through this website.  You can call in your deposit. 

4.  You will receive a confirmation email as verification of your order.


Q.  Is customer pickup available?

A:  The term "Cash & Carry" is used for small rental items (under $50.00) and considered a "customer pick up" item.  The client will pick up and return item according to contract terms in order to receive damage deposit back.


Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes! We offer delivery and pick-up.

Q.  How do I go about picking up and returning larger rental items (over $50.00)?

A:  For items $50.00 or more ("Full Service Items"), we will deliver and pick up within the Louisville/Southern Indiana area.  This complimentary service is included in the rental fee. 


Q.  I have an event that ends at midnight. Do you pick up at this time?

A:  For lat night pick ups (receptions ending after 10:00 p.m.), we ask that you inquire at your venue if we can pick up next day or the following business day (Monday following your event). 


Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: Of course not— we work within any size budget.


Q: How far in advance should I reserve my items?

A: We suggest that you reserve your items as soon as you know what you need.  Normally reservations are made for an event 9 to 12 months prior to the event.  We can't consider something officially reserved until we have a contract and deposit.  Orders are taken on a first-come basis; confirming your order with a deposit ensures items availability.  By placing your order ahead of time, you are assured your items will be held.

Q.  Prior to you picking up a "Full Service" rental item , are there any requirements on our part?

A:  Prior to pick-up, all equipment must be rinsed free of any cake/food and placed in their original containers (if applicable).


Q: What if something gets broken or lost during its rental period?

A: Unfortunately, we do have have to hold the customer responsible for the repair or replacement of anything lost or broken from the time of delivery to the time we pick up or receive item back in our office. 

Q: What if I don't use all of the items I rent?

A: All items that leave our office, whether by delivery or customer pick-up, are considered rented.  No credit or refund is given for unused rental items.


Q: Are there any restrictions in using "Dress the Cake" equipment?

A: Yes.  Each rental item varies.  Please discuss with us the item you wish to rent and any concerns/questions you have. 

Q: Once I reserve my rental items for my event, is my deposit/retainer refundable If I cancel?

A: No.  Once you secure your event/item with a retainer/deposit and a signed contract, all deposits are non-refundable if you cancel.



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