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How to Book Your Wedding
How to Book Your Wedding!
Contact Christi @ or (502) 645-6588 (no text) to see if your date and delivery time is still available.
CLICK CONTRACT to download PDF file of Wedding Cake Contract.  (Note:  Before printing, set your printer to "landscape" view instead of portrait).  If the contract will not print correctly, please call to have me email you a contract to fill out.
Fill out contract completely and secure date by placing $100.00 retainer/deposit down towards your order.  You can send contract by scanning and emailing to the above email.  Contract must be complete with signatures, date, event times, and all contact information. 
I accept cash, check, or debit/credit cards.  We can do so over the phone, in person, or by mail. 
If paying deposit with a debit/credit card, I WILL NOT keep this payment information on file for future purposes.  This is for your protection.  That being said, if you choose to pay final balance with same card, you will have to resubmit this information to me at that time.  If using a card: As soon as credit/debit payment is processed, you will receive an immediate email from SQUARE showing $100.00 charge to your card.  In addition to this, I will also submit an electronic receipt to you that details that this charge is for (securing wedding cake). 
Information about SQUARE PAYMENT device:  < >
If you scan and email contract to me, I can electronically sign contract.  And if you want hard copies of all paperwork, I will be happy to send in addition to electronic correspondence. 
FLAVORS:  To choose your cake flavors, you are invited to participate in our cake tastings.  Please check out our "Upcoming Events" page for scheduled tastings, bridal shows, and events you don't want to miss!  I offer several tastings each year, and you are invited to participate in as many as you can.  If you miss one of these regularly scheduled events, you are welcome to ask for samples from what is baked in any given week for other orders. 
I ask that you do not wait until the last minute to choose your flavors, as I do not offer exclusive, individual tastings right before the wedding where I bake samples for only one client.  My tastings must always be for at least 8 or more couples.   My smallest recipe makes 12 cupcakes of one flavor.  Therefore, I must bake samples for at least 8 or more couples in order to make it worthwhile for me to do so.  So if your schedule permits, I ask that you respond to my e-vites for cake tasting events that I promote.  If you are unavailable to attend the event in person, we can perhaps work out a pick up time before/after the event where you can instead take samples home to try.  
CAKE DESIGN:  I keep a file on each and every couple.  Please submit pictures to me of cake designs and set ups you like.  These pics can be from my website, from Pintrest, or any other website.  Upon confirming all last minute details regarding your order, I will computer generate a PDF file of "Cake Notes" for you to review and approve.  This is a file and check system to make sure I have all details correct.   Here are a few examples of what your Cake Notes will look like.   Click on each link to see how I computer generate notes regarding each individual order.
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