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*Free delivery for any wedding cake order meeting a minimumum of $300.00 (in Louisville/Southern IN locale).  For orders not meeting this minimum, there will be a $50.00 charge.  You may be subject to a travel charge for venues outside of Louisville/Southern Indiana area.

Wedding Cakes

Buttercream Wedding Cakes - $4.00/slice

6" Anniversary Cake - $30.00
6" Ceremonial Cutting Cake - $30.00
* This flat fee of $30.00 for the 6" cake only applies to orders accompanied by wedding cupcake or sheet cake order.  Otherwise, a 6" cake is priced per slice.

See "How to Choose Cupcakes"
Cupcakes - $30.00/dozen ($2.50/ea) - One dozen minimum

Unfrosted “naked” Cakes

Naked Wedding Cake - $3.00/slice

Sheet Cakes
see Wedding Sheet Cakes
Single Layer 1/2 sheet (feeds 35) - $60.00 ("Traditional" flavors)
*1/2 Sheet Cake yields 35 slices - (1-layer & NO filling)

Custom Cutouts

1/2 sheet
Single Layer ONE LETTER- $75.00* (@ 35 servings) - "Traditional" flavors
Double Layer  ONE LETTER- $125.00 (@ 70 servings) - "Traditional" flavors

9" x 13"
Single Layer  ONE LETTER- $50.00 (@18 servings) - "Traditional" flavors
Double Layer  ONE LETTER- $85.00* (@36 servings)* - "Traditional" flavors

Special Occasion Cakes

These cakes are priced individually based on size, flavor, and difficulty of design.  Special occasion cakes include events for a new baby, the special lady in your life, the special man that you love, a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any milestone that is important to you.  Visit our gallery to see photos for different events. 
Please submit us  your design or ideas, and I will be happy to quote you a price.
Christi Murphy (502) 645-6588        copyright Stir Crazy Cakes, LLC
Stir Crazy Cakes, LLC