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How to Choose         Wedding Cupcakes
How to Choose Cupcakes for a Wedding
1.  Decide on TYPE of cupcakes for your wedding
You can choose FRILLY or PLAIN icing (see pictures below). These cupcakes are topped off with a beautiful, sweet icing treat!  It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but a treat for the palate as well!

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ADDITIONAL CHARGES may apply for special designs:
Additional charges may apply based on any ADORNMENTS you choose (bow, flower, monogram,or special decoration). 

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3.  CHOOSE FLAVORS (Flavors do not have to be placed at time of order.  Deadline for flavors is no later than the Sunday prior (or 7 days prior) to your event).  But after your cake tasting, you might want to narrow your choices down to your favorites based on the above ordering guidelines.
CHOOSE CUPCAKE HOLDER COLOR that best matches your wedding.  (Note:  unless you choose a silver, gold, or black holder, there will be slight color change in the cupcake holder during baking.  There is no change in silver, gold, or black holders).  White cupcake holders will appear as the color of the cupcake.  Open links below to show the differences between WHITE, GOLD, SILVER, BLACK, and other colored cupcake holders.  As previously stated, SILVER, GOLD, and BLACK, will maintain original color.  Other colors will normally lighten, fade, change during the baking process. 
NOTE: To add charm and character to your wedding display, you can might consider purchasing cupcake covers/wraps.  This is not an item we provide at this time, but you are more than welcome to purchase for us to incorporate into your cupcake stand.  We have also included a picture below of a wedding that provided cupcake wrappers for just one flavor on their cupcake stand. 
2.  Choose how many flavors you want based on Ordering Guidelines. 
12 - 24 Cupcakes (1 flavor - one design)
25 - 60 Cupcakes (2 flavors - up to 2 designs)
61 - 150  Cupcakes (3 flavors - up to 3 designs)
151 - 300 Cupcakes (4 flavors - up to 4 designs)
300 + Cupcakes (5 flavors - up to 5 designs)
5. USING A CAKE STAND?  If you are providing stands yourself, please get our approval prior to wedding day so we can assure that your stand is adequate for use.  If stand is not approved ahead of time and it is not safe/steady, we cannot promise to set up your display on the event date.  See Cake Stands
INCORPORATING FLOWERS? If so, please let us know what type of flowers you are using and how you wish for us to place them for your display.  We like to get a final picture of your set up before leaving.  We recommend coordinating our delivery time with your floral delivery so that the flowers are there well in advance.
WANTING 6" CAKE TO CUT?  Please let us know if you also want to order a separate "pre-boxed" anniversary cake to save for your first anniversary.  See Anniversary Cakes
USING A CAKE TOPPER?  Please send us a picture and describe dimensions.  Topper must not exceed 5" in diameter in order to properly fit on top of your 6" cake to cut.  If topper is unusually heavy, please inform us so that we can place dowels underneath to properly support the weight.
9.  Inform us of any
ADDITIONAL ITEMS you are adding to the cake table (special trays, flowers, pictures, cake signs, fabric, etc.).  We need all information to diagram cake notes for you.  Once all of this information is complete, I will send you a set of Cake Notes diagramming all of the details of flavor and design.