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Why Choose Cupcakes       for a Wedding?
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Why Choose Cupcakes for My Wedding?
There are many reasons to choose the popular alternative to having a wedding cake at your reception.   Challenging as it may be, you can simplify the task of choosing a wedding cake when you look at the facts. 
Cost Savings - Your dream wedding (and your dream budget) can be realized with a cupcake wedding display!  You will find that opting to have a cupcake wedding will offer you a significant savings per slice (or per serving).  Buttercream wedding cakes in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area will typically run about $4.00/slice.  Our unique cupcakes are freshly baked works of mouthwatering art that will run you $2.00 for each "Wedding Size" cupcake.    When pricing for 200 guests, you will save $200.00!  Put that extra "dough" in your pocket for your honeymoon!

Catering Staff Fees to Serve Wedding Cake - In addition to saving on your pocketbook with the COST of your cake itself, you can also save money by not having to be billed for additional staffing to attend to your cake.  When you book a catering company or a venue, you will most likely have to pay additional (sometimes up to $200.00 extra) to serve your cake.  These fees are necessary to provide the additional staff to slice, serve, and clean up your wedding cake.  However, when having a cupcake display, the serving is effortless!  Guests not only enjoy the individuality of each confection, but they also enjoy not having to wait in a long line while the cake is being sliced.  We found that many times guests ask to have a piece of cake wrapped up to take home.  A slice can be messy and it has to be wrapped up for freshness.  The versatility of cupcakes remain endless, as it can be easily picked up and doesn't have to be individually wrapped for freshness. 

Ease of Serving - Quite simply, disassembling a wedding cake to serve to your guests takes time.  Cupcakes offer a great alternative to this dilemma.  Serving becomes effortless and most of all, fun!

Cake Flavor Options- Unlike a wedding cake, cupcakes can be equally proportionate in various flavors to feed your guests.  Have fun ordering two, three - even four - different flavors for your cake.  With a wedding cake, couples choose various flavors for each tier.  The goal is to try to choose the flavor for the bottom tier (which yields the most servings) that is most pleasing to your guests.  This is sometimes difficult to do.  If a lot of cake is left untouched, you have to ask yourself what could have possibly gone wrong.  It simply could have been that the flavor you chose for your secondary tier was more popular than the largest bottom tier.  Lessen your chances of this and order cupcakes in equal amounts of each flavor and be the TALK OF THE TOWN!  What won't be wasted?  Your efforts for sure.  Guests will love this new and upcoming concept of wedding cake towers. 

I hope you found this bit of information helpful as you consider what is best for you!  Please feel free to contact me to discuss any specific questions.