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8-27-06 "Dear Christi, Thank you so very much for the beautiful cakes that you created for Shannon's wedding. As Shannon said so many times during the evening, 'these cakes far exceeded my expectations.' They were just gorgeous to look at and even better to eat. When Sarah Wilhem from country Squire Florist suggested Grandmother Cakes for the wedding, we had no idea how special this would turn out to be. I have never been to a wedding where there was such a crowd around the cake table. Everyone commented on how pretty the cakes were and how different and unique they were. In addition, everyone seemed to be taking pictures. I can only hope that you took some pictures as well as those cakes were a work of art. I have a niece getting married in Florida in April and my sister wrote me afterwards that she had taken pictures of the cake table to show her cake person. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that your cakes would be the runway hit of the evening and steal the attention from the bride herself. And although the cakes were extraordinary to look at, they were even more delicious to eat. Throughout the evening, I had guests come up and tell me that they had a piece of the strawberry cake, or the carrot cake, or the chocolate cake, or whatever flavor they had and they always said that it was the most delicious cake. I can't remember ever going to a wedding where the cakes received so much attention and comment. Again, thank you for a job well done. That truly sounds so inadequate. It does not begin to express how thrilled we were with your cakes. With much gratitude," Cathy Kemp
1-01-06 "Christi, Thank you so much for making our wedding day special! You made it easy from start to finish and the final product was more beautiful than I could have imagined! Thanks again!" Cary & Matthew Hollis
1-17-06 "Christi, I just wanted to tell how beautiful my cake was and it tasted fabulous. Everyone loved it. Thank you so much!!" Jill Schmidt
3-08-06 "Christi, Sorry it took so long to send you this thank you, but it has been crazy since I have been back from my honeymoon. I just wanted to thank you so much for what a beautiful job you did on my cake. It was exactly the way I pictured it being and tasted great too. I knew from the first time that I met you that I could trust you to make my wedding cake look perfect. I just wanted to let you know that I was so happy when I walked into my reception and saw it. I have a friend getting married soon and will definitely refer her to you. Thanks again!" Rebecca Coburn (formerly, Shearn)
4-17-06 "Christi, We couldn't believe how great our anniversary cake was. It was as good and moist as our wedding cake. We have friends that have told us that their cakes were gross, but NOT OURS! Thanks so much for making our anniversary just as special! YOU ARE AWESOME!" Brian and Anna McSwain
4-22-06 "Wow! You are awesome at your craft. Our cake has been touted as the 'most beautiful' people have ever seen. And the taste was absolutely delicious. I can't thank you enough for providing us with a beautiful, tasty cake for such an important day. Thank you for your talent and flexibility in working with us. Deep appreciation and thanks!" Debbie Cunningham Ahjunder & Sonny Ahjunder
5-11-06 "Thank you so much for our wonderful wedding cake. Everyone loved the flavors and enjoyed the different icing choices! "I loved the carrot / cream cheese!) Emily & Lucas Byers
6-01-06 "Hey Christi, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful wedding cake you did for Shannon & Dan. She was so happy with how it turned out. Joshua was surprised and so tickled with having his own special cake. I heard a lot of compliments on how good the cakes tasted, especially the carrot cake. I served the leftovers the next day when the parents and a few other family members got together to watch the happy couple open all their wedding gifts. Thanks for everything!" Betsy Schmidt
6-05-06 " I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely were amazed at how beautiful the cake was. Everyone complimented on how nice it looked and how delicious it tasted. I truly did not want to cut it...but in reality I knew I didn't have enough freezer space to preserve it." Stacey Dawn Adams
7-10-06 "Christi, I just wanted to say Thank You for the baby shower cake! It was beautiful and delicious. Everyone loved it, especially the new mom to be. Thanks again." Amanda Swinney
7-12-06 "Christi, We just wanted to say thank you for such a beautiful cake! It was so much prettier than I could have imagined. And it sure tasted great! Thank you again for helping to make our day the most special day!" Katy & Jimmy Music
7-16-06 "Thanks so much for the awesome job you did on the cake. Everyone loved the way it looked! And it tasted great. Thanks." Stephanie (Brown) & Bobby Barnett
7-24-06 "Christi, I just wanted to say 'Thank you' for the beautiful / delicious cake that you created for my wedding on June 10th. Everyone commented on how beautiful it was....again, we really, really appreciate all of your hard work to make such a special cake." LIndsey (Beagle) Phelps
7-26-06 "First of all, the wedding cake for Shannon Funk’s wedding was absolutely wonderful!!! I tasted a couple of different flavors and it was delicious. Thanks again! Now, I was wondering if I could order a birthday cake for Shannon’s birthday." Mary Kay Funk
7-15-06 "Thank you for making my daughter's wedding cake so beautiful. It not only looked good, but it also tasted great. Thanks again!" Kent and Diane Holmes (for Amber Holmes)
9-02-06 "Christi, I want to thank you for the beautiful cake you prepared for our daughter's wedding reception. It was so beautiful, and everyone raved about how good it tasted. If you ever need a testimony or referral, please don't hesitate to contact me." Sincerely, Pat Scott (for Kristen Scott)
9-02-06 "Christi, Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding cake! It really was exactly what we wanted....even better! I have received so many compliments on the design and how wonderful it tasted. I'm bummed because the only piece I got to eat was the one that Justin fed me when we cut the cake! It gives me something else to look forward to on our year anniversary! Also, I wanted to let you know that Justin and I really appreciated how easy you were to work with. You were very attentive and caring and it definitely paid off. I now know why everyone we talked to recommended you! Thanks again for making our wedding so special with your beautiful cake". Kristen and Justin Cole
9-22-06 "I used Christi three years ago to bake my wedding cake. Let me say that it was unbelievably gorgeous and tasty. We did not have any cake to take home, and everyone devoured it. This experience left me no choice but to use her again in February to may my son's birthday cake for his first birthday. I would not have thought of using anyone else for this momentous occasion. Christi takes such pride in her cakes that it not only showed well but tastes that way too. You cannot find her personality or style in any bakery in town. I recommend her to everyone I know and everyone I don't know. Thanks Christi for making two occasions so special for me and my family". Heather, Aaron, and son Connor Glaser
10-04-06 "Hey Christi, it's me Stephanie Potts (now Cranmer). I know I'm a little bit late, but I wanted to thank you for the wonderful cake. It was so beautiful. Everybody was telling us how great it tasted. And actually, one guy called my mom the next day to ask who made the cake. Everything ended up perfect. Thanks again and I will definitely keep your name handy in case I hear of someone getting married or in need of a cake." Stephanie and Steve Cranmer
10-06-06 "Christi, Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on our wedding cake. Allowing Jason to design it made the cake so personal and absolutely brought his idea to life! The cake was beautiful and delicious. We heard nothing but praise from our guests. Thanks again!" Samantha (Howard) and Jason Goodin
10-10-06 "OHHH Christi, the cake was beautiful and sooooooo delicious. Great Job! The whole wedding exceeded my expectations... the cake table was absolutely the focal point of the reception, (along with the 17 pc. Big Band) We enjoyed working with you through these last months. We heard tons of compliments on the cake. People were lining up to take some home. We are spreading your business's name far and wide. You should be getting many calls in the future of young ladies that were at the wedding that are soon also to be wed. We had had 200 folks RSVP that they were coming. We had 175 show up. Out of all of our order we had one ½ sheet cake left and some of the bottom of the wedding cake. It was delicious. We took the extra ½ sheet cake Sunday to our 150 member Adult Sunday School class that Doug and I lead. They gobbled up that cake. We were not able to invite all of them b/c of so many, so it helped to offer them the cake Sunday Morning. Everything worked out great, we couldn't have been happier. And you Christi........ The cake was so delicious. The Monogram was beautiful on the cake. We had the monogram also on the programs at the church and on the favor boxes at the reception. You did a wonderful job on the cake and we will recommend you always. God bless you. Thanks for being such a sweetie-pie." Cindy Shipp
10-13-06 "Dear Christi, Thank you so much for the exquisite cake. It was absolutely perfect and so delicious." Sincerely, Michael and Michelle Sullivan
10-26-06 "Christi, Thank you so much for another awesome job! The cake was gorgeous, and again the guests raved about how delicious it was. The groom's cake was also a big hit. You did a super job with the "cabin in the woods" theme and I really appreciate all your hard work. Thank you, again. Everything was just perfect!!" Mary Weigel
10-26-06 "Christi, Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful cake. I received so many compliments on it. Alex and I actually were able to eat some of the chocolate and it was fabulous! Thank you for all your hard work." Blessings, Allison and Alex Moore
10-26-06 "Hi Christi, I want to thank you for helping us serve up the most beautiful cake for Kate's wedding. It really was so delicious. Good luck to you with your business. We will definitely refer to our friends and family. You are awesome!" Kathy Schoenbaechler
11-05-06 "Christi, Kristen and I just wanted to email and let you know how pleased we were with the cake. It looked beautiful and tasted even better. Thank you for all of your help". Shannon and Kristen
11-06-06 "Christi, You are fantastic!! I can't tell you how many compliments we got on both cakes, and how beautiful the way they turned out! Michael was blown away by his UK golf bag cake - kudos! Amazing! We look forward to starting a tradition of getting a fresh cake topper every anniversary (strawberry with chocolate icing!!) We'll certainly continue coming to you for all of our cake needs - and send everyone else!" Sincerely, Kelly K.
11-11-06 "Well let me tell you girl...the cake was a HUGE success. Everyone just loved it and it tasted wonderful. The caramel part was too good. It looked so much like a present my mom thought it was one. lol I gave several people your web address so hopefully you will have more business coming your way! Speaking of the website...I love the new look. Thanks again for making our day special. I couldn't have asked for a prettier cake. Debbie Rowe
11-13-06 "Christi, The cake was a HUGE hit! Not only did it look great, it was also very tasty! After the party, I successfully removed the hand with some gloves and utensils. It was quite a delicate surgical procedure, but the hand finally came out! One of my co-worker's daughters (a chocoholic) volunteered to take custody of the hand! We were very careful moving the cake, and it arrived at its destination perfectly! Thank you so much for making our party so special." Debbie Whobrey
12-01-06 "Christi, The cake you made for Megan's wedding was perfect! It looked beautiful and tasted even better. Our guests are still talking about how good it was. Thank you for helping to make Megan's wedding complete!" Blessings, Diane Shuck
12-07-06 "Christie, Thank you so much for making such a beautiful and tasty cake! Everyone was commenting on how beautiful and unique it was. Also, we were told all evening how good it tasted, our friends are still commenting on it. You made their special day even better!!!" Thanks again, Kristy Gastright (Karma’s mom)
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