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1-20-07 "Hi Christi, I just wanted to tell you thanks for the "tractor" cake for Jack's 1st birthday. It not only looked great but was delicious as well. The mint chocolate tires were soooo good. The family really enjoyed it. Thanks again." Kim Wheeler
1-23-07 "Thanks! again for the cake. Everyone loved it, it was a big hit! The bride was very impressed! Thanks again!" Terry Jolly
2-06-07 "Christi -As usual you have outdone yourself. Peyton's birthday cake was so beautiful and delicious....She actually sat around the table for 1/2 hour just looking at it. I can't thank you enough. It is so nice to know that you are making our cakes, so I never have to worry about them! Thank goodness for you! Don't know what we would do without pie, I guess!!" Thanks- Shannon Ash
2-12-07 "Christi, Thanks so much for another great cake. Everyone went on-and-on about how cute and delicious the cake was! Thanks again!" Emily Wheat
3-05-07 "Christi, Just wanted to write to tell you thanks for making such a wonderful cake again. I know Connor was quiet at your house but when we got home he was excited. He yelled at his daddy to come and look at "Melmo" (how he says it). I put the cake on the table and he grabbed a fork (he was ready to dig in). It took a ton of convincing to get him to wait for everyone else to arrive before we started eating it. The rice crispy treats were great too. My sister-in-law is on a diet and did not want chocolate so she got to have sweats as well. Everyone loved it!!! (of course) I guess I will see you next year around this time! Yummy as always!!" Heather Glaser
3-15-07 "Christi, Perfect...simply perfect is the only word we can use to describe Rhonda and Steven's wedding. You helped make their day so special. Thank you. The cake was beautiful, and everyone thought it was scrumptious. The vintage cake topper looked wonderful, and we were all so pleased to be able to use it. Ron's father was deeply touched. It was a pleasure to work with you. You made us feel do comfortable and confident in our choices. Thanks again." Donna Dieckman
3-20-07 "Christi, I wanted to thank you for the cakes you made for us. The Michigan helmet was awesome! And Jason was completely surprised. The wedding cake was absolutely gorgeous as well. The flowers and the greenery were perfect! Some of my favorite photos so far are the ones of our toasts and cake cutting where the cake is in the photos. A couple of the girls at work have asked me about you so we have been looking at your 3-D cakes online. I think one girl is hoping you can make a dog cake for her dog's birthday. I'm sure she'll be contacting you. Anyway… I just want to thank for the amazing work you did. Both are families are hoping for grandchildren very soon, so maybe I'll give be calling you for shower and birthday cakes! Thanks again!" Angela Autry
3-30-07 "Christi, My brother-in-law's P.H.D. evening was special. In the most important, his presentation of his book to his mom and dad was heartfelt! The dinner and flowers from friends was great! The cake you made was PRICELESS! Wow! God bless you and your family." Keith Jones
4-16-07 " Christi, just wanted you to know that everyone thought the cake was precious. I had so many compliments...Thanks again for doing such a beautiful job." Darlene Taylor
5-12-07 "Christi, We just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in the making of our beautiful wedding cake. You truly "wowed" our guests in both the taste and design of our cake. We all couldn't stop talking about how moist and delicious it was. You truly are an artist with a great talent!" Thanks again! Corey & Amy Allgeier
5-13-07 "Christi - I just wanted to let you know that we had our top layer anniversary cake last night and it was wonderful! I followed your directions and I just could not believe how fresh it tasted. It was great! So cute that is said "Happy Anniversary"! What a nice touch. Thank you for your help!" Nicole Wicker
-25-07 "Dear Christi, Wow, I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we were with the Bible cake that you did for Randy and Amy’s rehearsal dinner, it was beautiful and tasted absolutely delicious. I knew tasting the cake Thursday evening, this was only a preview of what was to come with the wedding cake. When I walked in the reception Friday afternoon and saw this wedding cake, it took my breath away. It was truly elegant to look at and then when it came time for the bride and groom to cut the cake, our guest could hardly wait. I have never had a cake that melted in your mouth, it was delicious! Of course the bride and groom enjoyed the cake along with all of our family and friends, I’m still getting comments about how great it was. Thank you again for adding your special touch to Randy and Amy’s story book wedding." Warmest regards, Libby Case (Mother of the Groom)
6-09-07 "Everything was wonderful. The main bridal cake was beautiful and teh jeep cake had everyone - and I man everyone - asking who made that?! Even my jeepin' buddies were commenting, which for a bunch of beer drinking rednecks, definitely says something!! Thank you very much for being such a great part of our special day". Greg and Jerry Nunley
6-27-07 "I just wanted to thank you for making the cake for Eleanore's was gorgeous and tasted wonderful! We had so many compliments on it and everyone asked who made it. Maybe we'll be able to send some business your way, not that you need it. Thank you so much!!" Meredith
July 7, 2021 "Christi, The wedding cake was stunning and full of flavor. We received so many compliments. Todd and I would be happy to serve as a reference any time." Cathy (Mellen) Colliver
7-18-07 "Hey Christi just wanted to thank you for a wonderful job on my wedding cake. it looked great and the it tasted soooo good.I got some compliments on it and inquiries about who made it. recently a co-worker of my husband asked who did our cake, because she's getting married. I gave her your website and totally talked you up. hopefully she'll use you, (between us) she'd be a fool not to, not just from the looks and taste of the cake but also for your professionalism! hope this e-mail finds you and yours well. keep up the fantastic work!!" Stacie (Shirley) Robinson and Larry 5/26/07
7-28-07 "Thank you so much for everything! It was so much fun designing the cakes with you. I have given your name out to some of my friends that are getting married soon as well. If you ever need any recommendations, let me know." Thanks again, Kate (Tarter) Metten
8-06-07 "Hey, I have been meaning to tell what a hit your cake was for my mother's surprise party! Everyone was absolutely crazy about it!!! I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked for your name and number!! And it tasted just as good as it looked. Thank you again.....I'm sure I will be calling you again in the future for another amazing cake!!!!" Kristie Upton
8-14-07 "Christi, I have been meaning to email you since we got back last week, but keep forgetting. I just want to let you know how much Adrian LOVED his groom's cake! He was so surprised and thought that it was the coolest thing ever to have a cake like that! Everyone at the rehearsal loved it as was definitely a big hit...(even UK fans liked it...they just thought it needed to be a cat on top instead!!). Also, our wedding cake was absolutely gorgeous! That was one of the first things Adrian and I said to each other when we got to the reception. I didn't get to eat any the night of the wedding, but luckily there was some left over for my mom to take home for the brunch the next day, so Adrian and I were eating as much of it as we could the next morning...YUM!" Laura Duran
8-19-07 "Christi, Ronnie and I would like to thank you for the rehearsal dinner and the groom's cake. Our cakes were terrific and so pretty. I can't wait to taste our anniversary cake. Everyone told us how great the cakes were." Ronnie & Marquita Bell
8-21-07 "Christi, Thank you for making Julie and Tim's day perfect! The cake was beautiful, but most of all delicious! We are still enjoying it." Sincerely, Janet & Brent Smith
8-27-07 "Hi Christi! Just wanted you to know that our cake was PERFECT!!!! It was just what we wanted and we received so many compliments. :) Also, I have the "board" the cake was sitting on. I'll bring that to you this week if that's ok. Thanks again Christi! You're the best". Julie Smith
9-26-07 "Christi, I apologize for how belated this email is, but I thought my wife already thanked you for our cake. You did a cake for our wedding in May and it turned out beautiful, better than we could have hoped for. The cake was delicious and we got many compliments on it. We thank you again and the next time we need a cake for any occasion we plan on calling you. Sincerely, Rob & Emily Lagler
9-26-07 "Christi, Hello it's Kelly you made my cake for the wedding on September 15, 2007, I just wanted to let you know that you did a fantastic job on it and it was so good to eat. Everyone was talking about it all night about how good it looked and tasted. But I just wanted to tell you thank you very much and I really appreciate it. Thanks again." Kelly White
10-06-07 "Christi, Andrew and I wanted to thank you so much for our beautiful wedding cake. It tasted wonderful and looked absolutely beautiful the entire night. We can't wait to eat our anniversary cake! Again, thank you so much for your kind service and personality. We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know!!" Warm Regards, Holly & Andrew Sutherland
10-10-07 " Hi Christi, I saw our wedding cake in the gallery in today's Courier and got a real kick out of seeing it there! All of your cakes are just beautiful! It also reminded me that I have been meaning to write and thank you for the lovely cake! We had sooooooooooo many compliments on it! One guest even paid someone $20 to go sneak him another, I can only guess that he thought he had to sneak it because he was drinking, as we would obviously let him have one, but it goes to show that he really did love it! People still talk about how good it was. Thank you, thank you!" Martha Perry Lundgren
11-04-07 "Dear Christi, Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our cake for our wedding. It was very beautiful and so delicious. I'm glad we had a few pieces set aside for us because once it was sliced, it disappeared really fast. All our guests loved it! Francisca Blandford
11-09-07 "OHHH Christi, the cake was beautiful and sooooooo delicious. WOW 5 tiers!!! Great Job!!!!! The whole wedding exceeded my expectations. I am so glad to have met you! You are a blessing to our family! The cake table was absolutely the focal point of the reception. The chocolate satin, the candles and the beautiful cake. We enjoyed working with you through these last months. Even since the other daughter's (Allison's) October wedding. and now with Emily's in Nov. We heard tons of compliments on the cake...Everything worked out great, we couldn't have been happier." Cindy Shipp
11-20-07 "Hi Christi ~ I just wanted you to know that the cake you made for my Bridal Shower was a HUGE hit!! Everyone loved the cake!! It was moist, delicious and most of all beautiful!! I kept getting comments like “What a neat design” and “This cake is like Crack” and “That cake was phenomenal” So I just wanted to let you know. I kept telling everyone where I got it and to check out your website. I also told them you were making my wedding cake so they had something else to look forward to. Anyway…I just wanted Thank you for the great cake!! See you soon!!" Stacy Hoke
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1-29-07 "Christi, The cake was a hug success!  That's all everyone talked about at dinner. You have such a gift. Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much....I gave your name out to people at Old Stone Inn Restaurant.
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